Facebook Marketplace vs Craigslist: Which site is better?


After destroying MySpace, Orkut, Flickr and several other internet companies. FB is now after Craigslist, Olx, Kijiji, and 100s of other classified listing sites. The social networking giant opened its marketplace for everyone using FB. The new feature has not gone well with people using this site just for fun. But it has been received well by business owners using Facebook. Is FB’s new...

How to add and customize Facebook feed in WordPress?


Facebook allows the webmasters to add the Facebook comment form, like box or the page feed to their websites. In WordPress CMS, adding a comment form or the like box is easy, but inserting a page feed is usually a tricky task for a webmaster. Even if the user manages to add FB feed to the sidebar, he won’t be able to customize it unless the user knows the working knowledge of CSS. In such...

Beginner’s Guide to Networking with Google+


Google+ has finally opened its doors and many Google users are flooding in. Having been invited into the network early I have seen a lot of the features evolve and noticed the massive flood of traffic recently. If you’re new to the system it may take a bit of getting used to. But browse through this guide and you’re sure to pick up some answers.

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