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So I found another cool app the other day., simple name with a simple purpose of uniting all of your plans in one place. You can draw in feeds from social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and merge your plans all into one calendar.

I’ve found this particularly useful to remember when I have to do things. I am very forgetful – people’s birthdays, graduation parties, whatever it may be I’ll probably forget it. is a brand-spankin’ new app just released this year, so following it’s progress may not be a bad idea.

Although it’s too early to see the future of this app, the benefits are all there. Being able to merge all of your connections and meetings into one place? Surely there’s a very large market for this. Not only that, it’s completely free and you get your own profile URL on the site (though these come standard on most web 2.0 apps).

But not only are the good people running launching this application, they’re kicking it off with a bang! Soon to be released for the iPhone, could even be your social calendar on-the-go! Social Profiles along the Web has a Twitter account @planfm if you’re interested in following their updates. Though small now, I’m sure with more progress the site’s API can be built for even further customization. It seems as though a lot of their future plans may be invite only, and following their Twitter account is quite obviously a great way to get in on this.

I would suggest to those of you who hate Twitter or just don’t use it, check out’s Blog. It’s got some neat articles updating you about the status of the site and any new ideas the team’s cooking up. Simple design, I’ll admit, but we all gotta start somewhere.

There’s not much to say about for now. I’m sure within the near future we may be hearing a bit more about them – especially with how rapidly apps are built these days based on social networking technology. Just keep an open eye out for news on the site, and remember you saw it here first on Inside the Webb!

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