What is the purpose of the pre html tag?


The text displayed within a pre element is displayed in a fixed width and a default font. Spaces and line breaks are both displayed as typed. So text that you typed within a pre tag will be displayed exactly how you typed it. Example: <pre> This is    a test within a pre html       Tag </pre>  The above will ouput:   This is  a test within a pre html   Tag The same text without the...

How to add/implement a Click-2-Call link for your Mobile web page


If you have a mobile website and you need to add a click to call link this method could come in handy.If a visitor clicks on this link his mobile phone will prompt the user if he wants to phone the number specified. Add the following anchor tag to your code <a href="tel:1111111111">1111111111</a> Replace the 1’s with the correct number, please do not include any other characters...

How to add a Google Map to your mobile website


First of all we can only use a static map, since Google Maps uses Javascript to zoom etc and most phones on the market do not support Javascript, so the only solution is to use static maps. Before we can use the Google Maps API we need to apply for an Application Key by visiting this URL  Now use the following code within an HTML img tag <img src="" alt="Google Map" /> Replace ADDRESS with...

Creating Superscripted text in HTML


Superscripted text can be used on your website by placing text between the <sup> tag
Superscripted text comes in handy to express exponential expressions eg 23 = 8or footnotes to draw attention.
By placing the th between the <sup> tag 5th becomes 5th

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