How to setup a Group Email Alias in CPanel


Setup a new Forwarder, by clicking on the Forwarder icon under the Mail section

Then click on the Add Forwarder button

Next enter the Group Name next to Address to Forward together with the domain name, then under the Destination section add all the email addressescomma separated that need to receive the email whenever a mail is send to the group.

Once done click on Add Forwarder

How to restart the service spamd in CPanel


Spamd is a service for Apache SpamAssassin and to restart the Spamd service on a CPanel server you need to execute the following command from the command line interface
Restart Spamd


To check the status of Spamd execute the following command

/scripts/restartsrv_spamd --status

CPanel: Script timed out before returning headers: index.php


Script timed out before returning headers: index.php is sometimes caused by a badly written script, or the script took to long to execute. To solve this problem on a CPanel server you have to slightly increase the TimeOutdirective using Web Host Manager “WHM”. To do this visit WHM > Apache Configuration > Global Configuration Search for TimeOut and slightly increase it’s...

How to setup Barracuda Networks Reputation Block List in Web Host Manager


Login to WHM using your root username and password. Search and open Exim Configuration Manager Click on the RBLs tab under the Basic Editor tab Click on Manage Add Barracuda RBL under the Add a new RBL Section Rbl Name = Barracuda Rbl Info URL =  Dns List = Click on Add Return to the Exim Configuration Manager, and under the Basic Editor->RBLs tab switch the Custom RBL:...

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