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Looking for some stability with your income? I think we all do, since we all can’t make 100k every month. Especially in times like these, managing money properly is a great skill to have and utilize, and knowing when to spend money and on what can be a challenge. With manageME7, you can manage your money 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Just as the expenses do not stop, neither should money management. And with money being a limited commodity (for most of us), it is important to use it judiciously. Read ahead for my interview with the site’s CEO, Parvesh Aggarwal.

What is the purpose of ManageME 7.0?
manageME7 has been developed to provide an easy and convenient web based money management solution. It is especially useful to students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and homemakers in helping them manage their day-to-day expenditures and income. Basically manageME7 acts as a mini accounting software which helps the users to manage their personal finance more conveniently.

What can users get done on the site, and what kind of support is offered?
On a very basic level you can think of it as an income and expenditure calculator, but there is more to manageME7 than just helping you manage money inflow and outflow. It helps you categorize your expenses, thus helping you see where you money actually goes.

Apart for this, it allows you to create accounts in multiple currencies making it better suited for today’s global audience. You can set reminders to prompt you when a payment is due. You can set budget limits to stay in check and create multiple accounts under a single login. Our synoptic dashboard brings all of these in an easy to comprehend console and offers graphical representation.

We offer all our users one to one support via email, phone, or live chat. As a policy, we strive to resolve any issues within 24-48 working hours.

How many people currently work for ManageME 7.0, and what are the major job roles?
The manageME7 team has 27 dedicated professional looking after the design, development, and marketing functions. It is backed by a team of customer service representatives who handle customer queries and man live chat support.

Vinove software and services, the creators of manageME7 is a 250+ people company.

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How was the title of the site created? Are there any previous versions like ManageME 6.0 or 5.0?
The name of our website “manageME7” has two constituents. The number 7 denotes the version of our application (yes we had earlier version which have now been phased out). The new version boasts of added features like multi currency support and has been designed based on the feedbacks received from users of our legacy application. The “ME” in manageME symbolizes money, asking it to be managed – a bit on the imaginative side.

How many users are currently active on ManageME 7.0?
We have a total of 26,549 users at present, out of which 7,534 are premium/paid members.

Do you have any plans for the near future of updating the site or adding new features?
As stated earlier, manageME7 was designed for the users and by the users, and we plan to walk the same path. We constantly tweak existing features and add new features based on user feedback. We are currently doing a feasibility study on certain features that our users have requested to be added. We would make an announcement as soon as they are live.

What is your favorite social bookmarking / networking site and why?
Our favorite social bookmarking site is delicious whereas we prefer stumbleupon and twitter for social networking. If you would ask us to choose any one of them, it would twitter. It is a great place to interact with your users and peers in a casual environment.

If you had any advice to give to someone starting their own web 2.0 site, what would it be?
Simplicity and convenience of use is going to be the decisive factor, differentiating one web 2.0 application from another. You can build a lot of functionality into your application but if it can’t be used, it is going to be pointless.

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