Check Your Username Availability on Tons of Websites with Namechk


Many of us enjoy sticking with our usernames. We sign up with the same username on multiple websites, and this is especially true with social networking/bookmarking sites as it allows your name to become a presence in the community. Only thing is, there’s so many people online that the chances of our username being take is, well, pretty decent.

I’m excited to say I found a pretty neat app the other day, namechk. Never fret about your username anymore! With namechk all you need to do is type in your username into a input field, and namechk will do all of the work to check against tons of social websites’ databases to see if your username is taken.

Now even better that it can check against so many social bookmarking services such as Facebook, Digg, and Delicious… it does so all with Ajax!

That’s right, you don’t even need to wait for the page to refresh. namechk will check over 60 social networking and bookmarking sites, and visually display either a check mark or red X, indicating your username is free or taken. I will say this isn’t a groundbreaking application, but it has saved me the time of registering tons of accounts under my username’s. It helps when you are first launching a website as well, because you can see what website’s you can register your website’s username under.

All in all I would say giving namechk a visit wouldn’t be a bad thing. It can be a fun app if you really need to use it, it offers some value when you’re interested in registering multiple accounts on different social networks and it works quickly and exactly as it advertises. And as new and unique social networking apps are released, who’s to say you won’t be able to check against hundreds of networks?

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