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I’ve been a huge fan of Blogussion for a long time now. For those who don’t know, they’re a quality blog in regards to blogging tips, writing techniques, time management and focusing on goals of making money online through blogging. There are many others in this niche (ProBlogger comes to mind), but nobody really delves deeply into details and provides as much useful information as Blogussion.

I’ve noticed that as the site has grown they have launched many new features. Recently a new bulletin board has been launched, following the release of their custom Thesis design theme for WordPress.

The Secret Behind Blogussion’s Huge Success

Alex Fraiser is the site’s main blogger and designer, having launched the website around 2 years ago. It has grown prominently since then, providing extremely useful features for bloggers are the internet. Coincidentally, similar blogs in the “make money online blogging” niche have deteriorated in post quality over the past few months.

This isn’t to say I don’t enjoy seeing what Darren Rowse is writing about, and Sphinn usually has some great posts on the front page here and there. However the amount of information shared on Blogussion is so much more in-tune with what most readers are looking for – I believe because most of the blog’s writers are still in high school, meaning they have time to write good quality posts.

Where the site is going in the near future, I can’t say. I am excited to follow them along their journey, and I wish the best of luck to Alex and all the authors for the site. I make it a point to ReTweet/Stumble any great articles I find there, and I encourage you to check out the site as well!

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