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Principles of Web Design and Technology I

Unix Permissions For UMUC’s Nova Server Explained


All files and directories created in a Unix environment such as Nova are assigned permissions based on the level of access available to different user groups. In order to understand permissions better, we will discuss users, groups and ownership. Users Unix is a multi-user operating system. It serves many users who have ownership or certain privileges of resources on the system. You have recently...

Three Simple Steps to Setup Your UMUC Nova Server Account


Nova is a Unix based web server which is used through various computer studies courses at UMUC. If you are taking one of my web design classes or are enrolled in another UMUC class that uses Nova, the information provided here should be helpful. Nova is the server you will be using to setup your web directories for publishing content online. In order to set up a Nova account you will need...

CMST 385 Software Setup and Webpage Publishing


Software Setup For this class you will require three main applications, a text editor, an SSH client and an FTP client. A text editor will be used to write your HTML documents. SSH (Secure SHell) is a text based application which will enable you to setup your Nova web server account, which we will be using to host your web pages online. Finally an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client will be...

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