Number and Password Problems

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The following are my responses to a series of simple PHP problems (attached in the Word File).  I needed to review Doyle (2010) chapters 9 and 10 which cover form submission and session variables in order to complete these exercises.  I also leaned on chapter 18 which goes into depth on regular expressions to assist with pattern recognition.

Download the sourcecode

Execute each of these programs via the links provided below:


This program reads a non integer range (between 0 and 20) and prints the powers of 2 from 1 to 2N.  This exercise was the easiest of the assigned tasks to complete.

Execute the program


This program take a list of team names, and print them vertically.

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This program reads input values, n and m, and output the number of different combinations of m things that can be formed from a group containing n members.  I had a difficult time coming up with the actual factorial calculation and upon further research I was able to use a snippet of code from to help me solve this problem.

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Password Strength

This program prompts for a password and returns its strength based on length, symbol / numeric use and upper and lowercase letters.

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Number Spiral

This program prompts for the size of a number spiral (which must be an odd number between 1 and 19).  It then outputs to the screen the number spiral, with the numbers aligned vertically with the least significant digits.

Out of all the exercises I had the most trouble trying to figure out a way to accomplish this correctly.  In the end I could not solve this exercise.  Instead, I borrowed code from a previous solution posted here:  I modified the code to improve on the formatting and also to allow for user input of the size of the spiral.

Execute the program

Image Credits: Photo by Nick Hillier on Unsplash.

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