Infamous Design Blog Being Auctioned on Flippa

Design blogs have become the de-facto of the internet revolution over the past 2-3 years. As web design has shot off and every 16 year old and their mother has started to learn XHTML/CSS, blogging about it has just become another step in the process. is one of the most popular, sharing free tutorials and graphics frequently in their posts. As of April 5 the site has been put up for auction.

Currently listed at the popular website auction & flipping service, you can view how much the site is going for currently and traffic statistics of the blog. And I will say they are some impressive numbers, ranging just under 800k pageviews last month.

As for reasons behind selling the site, user Vandelay mentions he’s run out of time to manage the popular web design blog. He’s running a few other sites and also doing freelance design work, so is only for sale because of the lack of time needed to really pursue the blog. Here’s a quote from his auction description:

Why are you selling? Two reasons: 1) I run 7 other sites that are updated on a daily or weekly basis, plus client work, and I simply need to get rid of some responsibilities. 2) I’m planning to move in the next few months and could use the money towards the move.

The auction still has about 2 days to go, and at the time of this post the current value is $15.5k. I’d be interested in the site myself if I had any investment money to pick it up, as clearly the blog has only grown over the past few months and could be generating some very, very decent revenue under the right care.

Image Credits: Photo by Isis França on Unsplash.

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