How to limit CPU usage on server effectively?


Most hosting companies have introduced 2+ plans. The price of the hosting depends on the hardware and software the company is offering the customer. A plan that offers a low amount of RAM or a single core processor will be less expensive as compared to a plan that provides heaps of system memory and CPU. No matter what plan you use, you must always keep an eye on the server CPU usage. If you...

Linode Review 2018: Great uptime and affordable plans


I started my online career with a site hosted on Godaddy. I switched to A Small Orange from Godaddy after finding its plans cheap. After a major DNS incident, I quit ASO and bought shared hosting plan from Hostgator. HG shared plans are great for growing sites. The traffic to my site grew and I had launched a few more sites. To make sure that HG doesn’t ban my sites by high server resource...

The OOM Killer : How to Fix Out of Memory Error in Linux?


Since two weeks, my website was frequently crashing because the MySQL server stopped abruptly at random times of the day. This issue started when I was on a holiday. My site was down for several hours. I configured crontab to start MySQL server when the service had stopped. This didn’t help. I enabled query cache to reduce the load on the server. I use NGINX Fast CGI cache, APCu, and...

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