YouTube launches 5 Year Anniversary Celebration Page


YouTube has launched a new channel in celebration for its five year anniversary this month. The channel is a host to many user submitted videos discussing how YouTube has changed their life over the past 5 years, and how it’s affected their use of social networking sites and internet media in general.

You can find the channel called YouTube FiveYear with just over 10,000 subscribers already, and growing quickly. The amount of user submitted content is enormous, and all this growth comes at just the right time. It’s also been announced that YouTube has officially reached 2 billion impressions a day.

YouTube’s Steady Ramp of Growth

When YT was launched 5 years ago it seemed like a revolutionary idea. Sent into beta with just a few bright minds and some creative spirit, the idea caught on quickly. So quickly, in fact, that Google purchased the site 18 months after launch for $1.65 billion.

To date YouTube has still been in overall negatives for profit margins. However as a few analysts from Google’s media team have mentioned, this year will be the first time the company has a chance of just breaking even after paying bandwidth costs for streaming millions of videos daily.

Along with the fan page, YouTube has also set up a small interactive time line of the most popular, relevant, and interesting videos uploaded over the past five years. You can find it at and is also linked to from their YT Community Page.

Some of the most famous figures have created a living on YouTube, the most notable being Fred’s Channel of videos. But with YouTube only growing quicker each and ever month, it’s an exciting time for web video production.

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