WordPress cost per year and money saving tips for bloggers


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Planning to launch a self-hosted WordPress blog or site? Your decision is great. WordPress is the backbone of millions of websites. It is the most widely used free blogging software. Although WP is a free CMS, you cannot use it unless you deploy it on a server.

You can run WordPress on your PC by installing the NGINX, PHP-FPM, MySQL stack on your PC. The website deployed on localhost is accessible through an IP address. If you want your WordPress blog to be accessible from computers or mobile devices across the world, you’ll have to buy a domain name.

The problem with the localhost WordPress installation is that you’ll have to take care of the server maintenance, DNS mapping, network connection, etc. To keep problems at bay, you’ll have to invest some amount of money to launch a self-hosted website.

wordpress cost per year

Today, we’ll explain WordPress cost structure. We’ll also share some handy tips on how to save money as a blogger.

How much does a WordPress website cost?

Blogging software

WordPress is a free software which you can download from the WordPress repository. You can use it on any number of websites.

Domain Name

A domain name can be of any length. While buying a domain name for your self-hosted blog, remember one thing. Domain name must not include any other character other than alphabets or numbers. If possible, you should avoid using a number in a TLD.

Read our article on how to register a new profitable top level domain name for more amazing tips.

NameCheap provides .com domain name for $8.88. It is one of the top domain registrars in the world. It is a company which you can trust. NC charges for a TLD for among the best in the industry.

Apart from the .com TLD, NameCheap sells .net, .org TLDs.

Tip: Register a domain name for 2 to 3 years to enjoy a good discount.


WordPress cost depends on the type of hosting you use. Hosting companies provide three type of hosting – shared, VPS, and dedicated. Dedicated hosting is expensive. Only websites that receive millions of visitors every month require this type of hosting.

VPS is ideal for medium size blogs that get over 200K visitors per month. Shared hosting is ideal for small websites. As you’re a beginner, you must buy a shared hosting plan.

Plenty of companies offers shared hosting services. If you want your website to be live 24 x 7, buy hosting from BlueHost or Hostgator.

See the latest Bluehost plans here

See the latest Hostgator plans here

The above two hosting providers offer one-click WP installation script. Once you buy SH from them, you have to log in to into the CPanel and run the complete the WordPress setup by running the one-click installer.

Note: Hosting companies offer several types of plans. Always buy a plan that enables users to launch more than 1 website.

Tip: Instead of paying a hosting subscription fee every month, buy hosting for the full year. If you do so, you’ll get a good discount.


WordPress repository provides over 1000 free responsive themes. Once you install a theme, you can modify it as per your requirements if you know PHP, CSS, HTML, and JS. You can get help for free themes on the WordPress forums.

Free templates for WP come with limited support. They may or may not be SEO friendly. Their developers may or may not reply to your question in the support forum.

To avoid headaches, buy a good premium theme from one of the following firms.

StudioPress: It is the developer of WordPress Genesis Framework.

MyThemeShop: I’m using Schema WordPress theme on this site (and few more sites). In case you don’t like my site structure, explore MyThemeShop directory to find the perfect template for your WP blog.

ElegantThemes: ET is the developer of two of the most powerful WP themes i.e. Divi 3.0 and Extra.

Once you install a theme, download and install the must-have WordPress plugins.

WordPress customization

If you want to customize the free theme, you must hire a freelancer. If you buy a feature packed premium theme, you won’t have to customize it.

For technical support, contact the technical support team of your hosting company or post your question in the WordPress support forum.

That’s all folks! You’ll have to spend your hard earned money on the domain name (renewal and purchase) and hosting fee. Buying a premium theme is optional.

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