Women In Gaming: Facebook Launches New Campaign

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Facebook is promoting a new campaign aiming at getting more women in gaming by adding variety in the video gaming industry. The social networking giant’s new approach on this has included a website that features women in videos in the different persona’s across the gaming industry, marketing, game design, sales, and HR. The Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is featured in the main video.

I believe that half of all the gamers worldwide that women in gaming account for half of those numbers.

Sandberg went on to say, “ Women have a vital role to play within this industry and they’re the best examples for connecting people to the things that interest them. I believe that half of all the gamers worldwide that women in gaming account for half of those numbers. Some of the most recent and unforgettable characters are; Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, Tracer for Overwatch, and Nadine and Chloe from Uncharted: The Lost Legacy”.

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She further said, “There needs to be more encouragement within the gaming industry and we need to entice women to join this movement, all I want is for games to represent the global population in a positive light. Gaming doesn’t accurately reflect the stories it tells or the audience it serves. Only about 23% of women make up the workforce. Women of color are even less in the minority, the same stereotypes that women in gaming face are the same as it is in any other office setting. They get judged, challenged, and even receive online threats. What we need to do is, to convince younger women that they can make it in this industry, all you need is self-confidence in yourself’.

On the website, you’ll be able to open links with personal notes from Brenda Romero, a well-known female gaming developer. There are dozens of videos where you can watch some other women like, Natalie Mellin, the King brand manager, Kati Levoranta, the Rovio CEO, and other Facebook women staffers who talk about their experiences joining the gaming industry. A representative from Facebook told GI.biz that by the end of this year 2018, Facebook plans on having around 100 videos of this nature on the website. The main goal is to educate and inform new perspective women in gaming.


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