What Makes AWS A Great Choice For Small Businesses?


Even though Amazon Web Services has been around for many years now, several persistent misconceptions abound, particularly among owners of small businesses. For instance, many of them believe AWS is for big players only.

Perhaps this perception arises from the fact that many online giants use AWS servers for hosting, including AOL, Reddit, and Netflix. Or perhaps the fact that AWS is the undisputed king of the cloud development world, with $17B sales in 2017 alone, has precipitated this misbelief.

However, the truth is AWS hosting services are just as much for startups as for global companies. Small businesses stand to gain a lot from using AWS services, as the experts in web hosting reviews from hostingtribunal.com point out.

One of the main advantages of AWS is the lack of no up-front contracts or long-term payments. For small businesses with limited cash, this is indeed a big advantage. Another thing that makes AWS the right choice for them is its scalability.

While the needs of your business may be un-intensive right now, in the near future it may require greater resources. Thanks to the ‘pay-as-you-go’ policy of AWS, you can scale up your plan at any time. And if you realize that you don’t need a particular service anymore, you can remove it from your plan as easily.

Besides being highly scalable and cost-effective, AWS is easy-to-use. You can host all your applications in a jiffy.

AWS offers a hosting plan, called Simple Website Hosting, that is ideal for small businesses that are not likely to grow beyond 5 servers and have websites built on WordPress, Joomla, Magneto, Drupal, or any other popular application.

This plan is not pricey either. However, keep in mind that the onus of managing the web server will be fully on you.

To know more about advantages that AWS offers to businesses, check out this entertaining but, at the same, highly educative infographic.

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