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Vero: A Barely Functional Instagram Rival

To a bit of everyone’s surprise, a new social-media-app rocked the internet to the very top of the free...

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To a bit of everyone’s surprise, a new social-media-app rocked the internet to the very top of the free app charts. People compare Vero to being a little bit like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook all wrapped up into one. In no way shape or form is VERO going to surpass any of those quality social sites, however, yeah, it’s not going to happen! You heard it first here!

Vero has been noticed at the forefront of internet marketing for 3 years now. Recently, certain ‘Grammers and vloggers (Instagram Stars?) have switched their game up to VERO. This has caused an unexpected number of new users that the app crashes over and over again. I’m so frustrated, I can’t even search for users to add without seeing an error on the server.

The cool thing is, it’s a lot like Instagram, however, the differences are astounding and put VERO on everyone’s radar. Rather than being arranged by algorithms, the news feed is set up chronologically with no advertisements. If you ever have problems with aforementioned apps and see post 20 days old and from the same few people, then VERO is trying to acquire. Do you have music recommendations, links to share, or post you just have to post like now? Then VERO could work for you, but not me. Just saying…

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The VERO app might be free to the 1st million users, however, after that goal is reached, new users will have to pay for the prescription services.

So What The Heck Is The Problem?

We can start by admitting the app is distasteful and that’s just my own opinion, It’s not to add any ill will towards the mouse in the cat-house. It’s lacking Instagram’s zeal and transparency, it’s just not Top-Notch and therefore fails to stand-up with branded big house names. All these social giants would crush this new player like a bug, just like they’ve already done with sites like Mastodon, Ello, and VERO is no exception either.

Every problem with subscriptions is, it’s highly unlikely they have a squad of people who actually care enough about the social media scene to fork out some cash for it. So, if you haven’t figured it out yet? In no way shape or form do I recommend getting VERO! The sign that a new viral sensation like Snapchat just isn’t there yet.

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