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intel smart glasses

In past years, many companies including Google have developed and released smart glasses. Although no product like Intel smart glasses has been seen before.

Just recently, the famous technology company Intel announced the smart glasses called Vaunt. These glasses are hard to distinguish from regular glasses due to their generic design and have a special screen with a unique software. In total, the device weighs under 50 grams and fits perfectly into everyone’s life.

The screen used in the Vaunt emits a red monochrome image into your eyes at 400 x 150 pixels. The glasses are equipped with an advanced microphone and Bluetooth technology allowing it to connect to your phone. This way you can receive and control notifications, music and more from your glasses. On top of that, the product is equipped with motion sensors that can allow you to control it with subtle motions.

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Intel has still not made it clear on when they will be releasing the Vaunt smart glasses by stating they will most likely follow the OEM route to sell the product. The glasses will probably be opening up its platform allowing developers to program and add to the device as time goes on. Although the Intel smart glasses are still in super early phases of development. The company Intel has been opening up to feedback from consumers to perfect their product. They exclaimed that the Vaunt is in no way near complete, and more improvements will be integrated.

In retrospect, Intel is releasing a new pair of smart glasses. These smart glasses, called Vaunt, have a lot of promising characteristics and features. Advanced technology allows users to control their phone and smart glasses with voice control and simple motions. Currently, Intel has not released specific information and how the glasses will be distributed, but they believe the OEM route is the best way to go.

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