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For all of you running a design blog out there, DesignMoo is a site you’re going to want to bookmark. As I’m sure we all know of Digg’s popularity, this has caused many smaller sites to spawn offspring and grow into micro-niche Digg sites. DesignMoo is one of these style of sites for graphic and web design, and can bring in a lot of traffic to your blog.

Though it doesn’t bring in as much traffic as Digg, it is still a very powerful social media source where you can draw traffic to your blog. And with so much competition these days for graphic and web design blogs, who can argue with a little free publicity?

Key Features to Note about DesignMoo

It should be noted that DesignMoo came after the large wave which DesignFloat created. DesignFloat was the original design-niched Digg clone to hit the scene with real popularity, and it brought in thousands of visitors daily. It has since lost a lot of it’s former glory, but DesignMoo is just one of the sites who popped up to fill it’s place.

DesignMoo is based on Drigg, which is a module to extend the Drupal CMS. DesignFloat was originally based on Pligg, which is a completely separate CMS in and of itself. DesignMoo has seen some serious success over the past couple of months, and there’s no question why.

Of course I have seen my fair share of spam hitting the site, but you can only control so much. The majority of the front page articles hit around 8 “moos”, or whatever verb is used to vote up an article. This is a relatively low number, and if you write good content on your design blog there’s no reason you can’t hit the front page.

Plus, DesignMoo has a Long Wait Period

What I mean by this is you can submit a story on Monday and have it hit the front page Thursday or Friday of that same week. While Digg generally gives your story 24hrs to hit the front page, DesignMoo is a much smaller site, and so rules are bent a bit.

If you can end up getting a few votes up in the beginning, your story will end up hitting the upcoming section and could potentially bring in a lot of traffic in a few days after the submission. This is what makes DesignMoo so great, it’s a “submit it and leave it” style.

Looking for more info on the site? Well I don’t have it, you should just check out Design Moo for yourself. I always recommend anybody submit at least a few articles here, their niche is pretty broad and as long as you’re somewhat related to design or inspiration you can pull of a nice submission.

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