Twitterrific Rocks the iPhone App Market with Dynamic RT Functionality


As Twitter is growing in popularity each and every month, more people are looking to the mobile web for entertainment. Whether it be waiting online at the bank or supermarket, or even relaxing at a relatives house with some time to kill, mobile phones are making it easier for us to connect with the entire web.

With iPhone sales launching through the roof, we can only see how mobile Twitter clients will become more and more useful. As Twitter has officially purchased Tweetie to be their “official” application, it’s made it difficult to developers to break into the market. However I just downloaded Twitterrific the other day, and I’m blown away by such enhanced functionality.


First off: The *Slightly* Bad

There are a few downsides to Twitterrific compared to the ever-popular Tweetie. Of course still very minuscule, it is difficult to search for new people and Twitter profiles on Twitterrific. You can check out the people you already follow, check upcoming and trending searches as well as your saved searches, but it’s not possible to search through the entire directory of Twitter users.

Along the same path is the seamless account integration. Through Tweetie you are able to run multiple Twitter accounts in the same client, however Twitterrific only offers that feature if you purchase pro. Granted all of the other features are perfect for the free version of the app, but you can see how Twitterrific plans to make their money.

Going further towards the good aspects, one can only see positives. For Tweetie in order to ReTweet a post you’d have to quote the entire thing, delete the quotation marks and add “RT” before the @username. This was very frustrating for me as I frequently retweet posts and articles from those who I follow.

With Twitterrific it’s so simple – you double-tap the tweet you’re looking to work on. This brings up standard options such as Reply and Direct Message, and one of the options is “ReTweet with Comments”. This creates functionality which directly displays the tweet’s content with the “RT @username” added before. It’s exactly what I’ve been searching for!

Of course the look and feel of the app is much more intuitive. You can change the UI color scheme and mix around your preferences, but the whole app works similar to an inbox for e-mail which makes Twitter much easier to manage. If you run an iPhone or iPod touch I’d recommend giving Twitterrific a try.

They actually run a version of the app for iPad, so all your iPad owners out there can mess around with the product too.

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