Twitter Releases Sleek, Clean Homepage Redesign

Although this has been covered by many media blogs, Twitter has indeed released a new home page! I have to say, I’m a big fan of the new design and it definitely allows for a better user experience when first arriving at the site.

Shifting the page design from a small centralized block to utilizng the entire page was a smart move in Twitter’s part, which allows for a scrolling Ajax-styled news feed directly in the center of the page. Scrolling through top Twitter users latest tweets, this is a great way to see what’s up in the world of the net. Plus moving a scrolling newsticker of hash tags to the top allows the page to breathe much easier, while still keeping users informed of what’s happening.

Nothing else appears to have changed, in fact I just got a fail whale a few minutes ago letting me know Twitter is over-capacity and I’ll have to wait a bit to update my status. This latest design absolutely puts Twitter up there in competition with many serious websites, and proves that Twitter can really be considered an upcoming web 2.0 and micro-blogging site worthy of competition.

Since the site’s initial launch a few years ago, the company has experienced nothing by growth. Now with investments in the tens of millions of dollars, Twitter is growing like a weed with no signs of slowing down. I’m excited to see where Twitter is growing into, and I’ll be interested to see over the next few months what new updates could be rolled out.

Latest Homepage Screenshot

Featured Image - Twitter's Newest Homepage

Image Credits: Photo by Isis França on Unsplash.

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