Twitter Media Launches with Resources for Tweet Ads

Announced early during April 2010, Twitter has planned to roll out Twitter Sponsored Ads. This means users can pay to have their tweets sent in as many Twitter streams as they are willing to pay for. It’s an interesting business model and revenue stream for the network, but how will it stick?

The news has been everywhere (all over Mashable) and has spread far and wide, throughout the web. I haven’t heard of any companies utilizing the ads yet or what sort of CTR there is, but Twitter has launched a media blog discussing topics and categories related to ads.

In many ways the Twitter streams are a lot like Digg Ads. Things are a bit more simplified when you get into just tweets instead of entire links for stories on Digg, but you would also expect more clicks and interest in sponsored tweets.

Although not officially declared, it is unknown whether the ads will also appear in Twitter streams using mobile apps. It was discussed on the latest Diggnation by Kevin and Alex, stating how it would be a pain to see sponsored tweets every 3 or 4 updates in your stream.

The idea is still in beta works anyways and nothing is set in stone. I have begun using Twitter a bit more @jakerocheleau as I want to get in and see how the system really works. I’ll be sure to update once I start seeing some sponsored tweets, and I may even try the system out myself to report on.

Image Credits: Photo by Isis França on Unsplash.

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