Twitter dumps its neglected Mac app

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Twitter dumps its neglected Mac app

Twitter’s app has built up quite the reputation of Mac users: slow, buggy, and continually neglected. Finally, the company has decided to give up on the troubled app. Twitter has announced an official end to support for the Mac app, beginning in 30 days. The app has already been discontinued for download.

Users are unlikely to miss the troubled app. With a user rating of only 1.7 out of 5, Twitter’s app has not been well received by Mac users. Lacking in features and offering poor performance the app has steadily fallen behind their competitors. Users have shown a clear preference for competing apps such as Tweetdeck or Tweetbot.

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The most significant complaint has been the lack of app support. The Mac version has been consistently late with updates, taking over 7 months to add Moments to the app. Even this update came with controversy with Twitter bring forced to admit the creation of the update was outsourced to another developer.

Twitter apparently does not see losing Mac users as much of a loss. Most users now access the Twitter platform on their mobile devices rather than a desktop. Twitter has therefore decided to shift their development resources to web and mobile services.

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