Tips for Gaming Front Page Traffic on Delicious

One of my personal favorite social bookmarking networks is Delicious. The process of signup is very simple. If you’ve already got a Yahoo account then you don’t even need to change anything! Since Yahoo! purchased the company in 2005 it’s seen a dramatic increase from the number of users.

It’s important to understand just how Delicious works. Trending bookmarks are prominently displayed on the front page of the site. These are links which have gained a large amount of saves in the past few hours, generally racking up 30+.

However the most popular tab is where a lot of traffic can be generated. Either way the process is the same – create a few Delicious accounts and prepare to get working! With 100 accounts and 200+ working proxies it’ll be a no-brainer.

To start I recommend downloading Elite Proxy Switcher and installing either Lite or Pro. The software is amazing at keeping records of your working and failed proxies, along with their level in security (Elite through Transparent). Elite proxies will ultimately hide your IP from Delicious, so they are the best kind to have saved.

Building a Delicious Presence

After this you may want to set aside a few hours for creating accounts. The quickest solution is to signup for a new Yahoo! Mail account, then directly connect into Delicious and create your unique username. From here Yahoo! will automatically verify your account and allow you to start saving links.

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Delicious Personal Bookmarking

After passing the 50 or 60 mark you should notice some more people saving your link. This will become especially apparent if your content is well-liked or offers an interesting perspective. It’s best to let a few hours sit before going to town in the network. Otherwise Delicious admin’s may get wise to your plan and ban all of your accounts! Not a good situation to be in.

The best part of this plan is how seemingly foolproof the setup becomes. Once you’ve created 100+ accounts the odds of losing them are slim to none. You can almost completely reduce the risk by using L1 Elite Proxy servers when connecting into the site and saving your bookmarks.

If you’re looking to start building your collection may I suggest They update daily and their lists are very consistent. Alternatively Black Hat Team has a fantastic proxies forum which bolsters daily contributions.

Image Credits: Photo by Isis França on Unsplash.

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Michael Aulia

Hm interesting concept although a little bit like a “blackhat” method 🙂 I guess you can do a similar thing with the other social bookmarking too this way


I always do this at Yahoo Answers. I vote my own answers containing my own links. Thats how I get best answers and plus traffic to my stuff. I have been doing this for years. Yahoo employees are too lazy to even do anything about it. I dont even hide my IP. But did not get banned.

Security Cameras Miami. Guardian Electronics

Very interesting. I already have a Delicius Account and I was trying to improve it the hard way. This article will help me a lot.


security cameras miami

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