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I know I know, I’m a guy and the word “cute” shouldn’t be in my vocabulary. Well if I ever needed to use the word cute to describe anything, it would have to be It’s a URL shortening service with an actually bearable design to it. Beautiful vectors and color scheme, I love the site!

It offers some of the most basic features you would expect – forwarding to a new page, creating custom URL’s, etc. It doesn’t seem to have any tracking stats or clicks from what I can tell, which is where competitor reigns supreme right now. But this is a fun little app, and the design is just so perfect!

Milking the Details out of Moourl

How the creators of the site got the domain I’ll never know, but it says in the site’s footer it’s been around since at least 2007. It runs AdSense at the bottom of the page, can’t imagine many people click on these but I suppose each app deserves to make at least enough to keep server costs low.

I know there really isn’t much to say here, there are tons of other choices for shortening your URL. Hell, even Facebook and Google are jumping on board. Moourl just provides the ambiance – the warm and cozy farm feeling when you shorten your link.

I have also tried out my link my linking to Inside the Webb. I have both the standard link and customized link. They both work perfectly, and the custom link allows me to share this with the rest of the world!

Now it is, in a way, easier to just share my site’s URL instead of a shortened URL, but this service holds much more value when linking to posts or content on your site. It’s easier to share than

Huge benefits with Moourl? Not Really, but still neat!

Not much else to say here, just putting out a good word for such a fun service. If you’ve got some time check it out, maybe you’ll fall in love with the design and call it your new URL service through and through.

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