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Just a few weeks ago I got a great interview with the creator of, one of the only free icon search engines online. Recently I’ve come across another one which has just as many great icons shared, plus the ability to log in and save your favorite sets! is my latest breakthrough, and from what I can tell the site is growing wildly. They’ve got a perfectly functioning search bar, which crawls through over 280,000 icons for any tags or keywords you type. You can also sort the results by size, further tags, or even set ranges of sizes.

I find that FindIcons hits many places that isn’t able to yet, mostly the feature of according profile pages and favorites. The ability to log in and save favorite icon sets makes it that much easier to retrieve them should you need any in the future. Plus with a sleeker interface, it’s easier to interact and find just the right style graphics.

I’m not trying to put down IconFinder by any means, but has clearly developed a working system. They’ve got tons of icons to choose from, and you’re even able to upload your own if you create an account there!

I can see a large community of icon designers and enthusiasts created around this site. Although still new, I’m excited to see where the app will grow over the next couple of months. Rest assured, this also opens the door for the entire icons search engine niche to explode onto the internet. Icons are easier to find now more than ever before, and at an even better price tag.

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