Manage Your Businesses Internet Marketing with twtapps


Twitter has skyrocketed into mainstream with seemingly no meaning behind it. The simple application allowing everyone in the world to share what they’re doing, thinking, or feeling in 140 characters has grown into one of the most popular web 2.0 applications on the web, and it’s no doubt there are many apps on the web to accompany it. Although not affiliate with Twitter in any way...

Kevin Rose’s Failed Microblogging Platform: Where Pownce went Wrong


When Pownce first launched in the summer of 2007, I thought it would revolutionize how I communicated and shared stuff with my friends! By the way Kevin Rose had hyped it, you could share any type of file (music, video, .zip archive), share notes, share photos, really anything you wanted to with your friends! This was an application that was desperately needed on the web, and to this day I still...

Flick.to.Twitt – Easily share your Flickr Photos on Twitter


Twitter has become one of the largest web 2.0 applications on the web today, in comparison with Facebook, MySpace, and Digg. Along with this, Flickr has become a giant web app where users can share their photos. However, with the use of Flick.to.Twitt you are now able to post your Flickr photos right to your Twitter account! I have an interview with the site’s founder Marco Almeida, in...

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