Why you shouldn’t change WordPress theme often?


Guys, you may have seen the “Leverage browser caching” warning when you test your website’s speed with the Google page speed insights tool. After finding this message, you head over to Google and search methods to increase cache expiry time. After reading a tutorial on increasing expiry time for static content i.e. JavaSript, CSS files, you go ahead and modify the htaccess or...

Open Visual Traceroute is a free WhoIs lookup, Packet sniffer tool for PC


Traceroute is an important and one of the most widely used commands. It is recognized in all the operating systems. In case you’re searching for standalone Windows program that simulates the traceroute command, try out Open Visual Traceroute. OVT is an open source program that can be used on Windows as well as Linux OS. It has been built with Java and available for download on sourceforge...

How i increased blog traffic from search engines (Google & Bing)


A Blog’s income directly depends on the number of visitors your site gets from search engines. In AdSense terms and conditions, it is clearly stated that a user should avoid all fake methods of generating traffic. Affiliate marketing doesn’t have strict terms and conditions. My blog’s traffic was down several times but I never gave up. When I started with blogging, for the first...

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