How to move or renew LetsEncrypt SSL certificate manually?

As mentioned in my earlier blog post, I am using LetsEncrypt free SSL certificate on one of my sites. The...

Apr 3 · 1 min read >
letsencrypt review move

What is the best WordPress permalink structure for SEO?

WordPress saves the permalink of the page/post in a database table. It doesn’t generate them on the fly. Hence, you...

Feb 28 · 1 min read >
wordpress permalink structure

How to show or hide widget in WordPress pages or posts?

Sometimes, you may want to display widgets only on certain pages of a site. If you’ve knowledge of PHP, you...

Feb 22 · 1 min read >
wl - hide or show widgets in wordpess

Site deindexed by Google: Possible reasons why your website is removed

Site deindexed from Google is the worst nightmare for any blogger or business owner. When Google removes your site...

Feb 17 · 1 min read >
site deindexed by google

HTTP to HTTPS migration: Important thing you should know

According to Google, HTTPS is a ranking signal. If you make your website secure by configuring the web server...

Feb 12 · 1 min read >
http to https migration

How to set preferred domain correctly in Google Search Console

Setting a preferred domain is one of the most important things to do after launching a new site. It...

Feb 6 · 1 min read >
preferred domain google search console

Search traffic dropped after switching to HTTPS? Try these solutions

HTTPS protocol makes your website secure. Google had declared HTTPS as a ranking signal last year which means that...

Jan 23 · 1 min read >
https traffic drop solution

The best way to deal with content scrapers

As we’ve mentioned in one of our blog posts, duplicate content is not good for the site’s health. When...

Jan 17 · 1 min read >
how to deal with content scraper

Best WordPress widgets for your blog (2018)

Widgets are one of the most impressive and powerful features of the WordPress content management system. They make your...

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best wordpress widgets for blog website