Google Fred Update: Hybrid of Google Phantom and Penguin algorithms?


Google has rolled out a new algorithm update on 7th of March. The head of web spam team, Garry Illyes has named the new algorithm as Fred. The Google Fred update has killed the rankings of many websites overnight. It has brought people who were earning good amount of money online to their knees. Since 8th of March, many webmasters have reported that their sites have lost 80 to 90% traffic and...

WPDiscuz plugin: Great Alternative to Disqus and WordPress comment system


The default WordPress commenting system is good, but some people may want to replace it with a third party plugin like Disqus, Livefyre for better control, spam protection, and administration. Disqus adds a lot of weight to your site, and you should think before using it. I’ve seen LiveFyre plugin on high traffic websites, and it looks great. I’ve not tested it. In case you’re...

Best free akismet alternatives that you are not aware of


Akismet is no doubt one of the best plugins to avoid trackback, pingback and comment spam. It is free for WordPress sites. Paid version of this service will cost the user within 5 to 30 dollars. The pro version (security and enterprise) will give WordPress users access to the backup tool and advanced reports. They’ll also get quality support from Akismet team. Once you install Akismet...

Block referrer spam without plugin and Google Analytics filter


In the last few months, my Google Analytics account has started showing a lot of referrer spam sites like SexyAli, free-social-buttons, Semalt, etc. The spammers are screwing up my GA reports. I have some websites. Tho site with 1000s of visitors is not affected but for my new portals, the referrers are causing high bounce rate which makes the report data confusing. Some referrers seem to...

Best free WordPress spam blocker plugins


As WordPress content management system has a commenting and trackback system, it’s always on the target of spammers. Trackback links are added below the post content. A spammer who wants his website or YouTube videos to rank high in Google or Bing will drop useless comments with some URLs. If you’re allowing dofollow backlinks, link juice will be transferred to the commentators...

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