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Free and Best SEO tools that every webmaster should use


Search engine optimization aka SEO is one of the most important topics of discussion in the online world. Without following the right guidelines and SEO tips, it will be tough to survive as a blogger or a webmaster. People use search engines and Facebook more than any other website. Promoting a product on Facebook is not free. If you want to do this without any costs, you will have to build a...

Long Tail Pro 3.0 Discount and Review (Aug 2016)


When the user opens a search engine like google or bing? What is the 1st thing he sees? A large text box accompanied with a search button. To find information, the user must enter some data in the textbox. This data in SEO world is known as the keyword. Many bloggers, webmasters, and SEO professionals use keywords to rank their websites in search engines. Finding the right keywords is not an easy...

SEMRush Free Trial account : Find Competitor Keywords and more


Professional bloggers are successful because they make wise use of SEO tools. For example, Pat Flynn, the owner of smart passive income has launched a few niche blogs that earn him over 5000 dollars every month. Patt is one of the most intelligent bloggers in the world. He makes more than 50000 dollars every month by promoting various products. He makes use of different keyword research tools...

Best keyword density checker for WordPress (2018)


My technology blog was penalized at least 4 to 5 times. In my initial days of blogging career, I was not aware of terms like keyword density, on page SEO, backlinks, etc. I indulged myself in link building activities, and I was not focused on sharing top quality content. These three blogging mistakes killed my blog’s traffic up to 70 to 80%. As they say, we learn from our mistakes and hard...

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