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InstaShow Instagram feed plugin review (2018)


InstaShow is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to integrate the Instagram feed on your website. It has registered 6000+ sales on the ThemeForest marketplace. It is a highly customizable plugin that has a rating of 4.87/5. InstaShow is cheap and it provides amazing features. If you own a photography, product review website or a food blog, you can get more Instagram followers by installing...

Top 5 Best CDN 2018: Fastest content delivery networks


CDN aka content delivery networks improves the performance of your site. They reduce the latency by serving JavaScript and CSS files from the location closest to the visitor. A CDN provider may have several data centers spread across the world. When you signup for the CDN service, the service will cache static resources of your site on a server nearby the location you specify. You’ll have...

Image SEO tips and tools to make photos search engine friendly


Do you know? Images can bring tons of high-quality organic traffic to your blog or website. A website without pictures looks strange. Visitors may not find such sites attractive. If the blog post doesn’t have related pictures, visitors may not read the full content. Today, we’ve shared 7 useful tips for image optimization. If your site has many pictures, but if it doesn’t get...

Delete unused images in WordPress with Media Cleaner plugin


The image is one of the most important elements of a blog post. It not only makes the post attractive but also helps in improving the website’s search engine visibility. Sometimes, when you update a blog post, you may replace the image/pictures in it with some other pictures. Many users don’t bother to delete the old images from the uploads directory of wp-content WordPress...

Best Pingdom alternatives to check website speed


A website which opens quickly in the browser ensures the best user experience and higher rankings in Google search engine. Thus, the first thing that you should do after launching a new website is to check the page loading speed. Pingdom is one of the most widely used website speed checking tools, but it offers limited features due to which many people will use its below 2 top alternatives:...

EWWW image optimizer reduces JPG, PNG file size on WP blogs


Reducing jpg, png file size on self-hosted WordPress blogs will not only improve its load time but it will also increase the search engine rankings of your post. Google considers site speed as a ranking factor. There are two ways to reduce picture size before uploading to your blog. Install a standalone Windows or Linux software that will resize images or use a WP plugin. The 2nd option is better...

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