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Best IDE for PHP Web Development


PHP is a scripting language that powers over some of the busiest websites on the web. Several languages have been introduced since 2005. None of them have affected the popularity of PHP. Before IDEs were launched, seasoned developers and beginners used vi or notepad to write PHP code. Once the code was ready, developers moved the PHP file to the webapps folder of the web server to check whether...

Best Nginx PHP-FPM MySQL (MariaDB) stack for Windows


I own a laptop which has a dedicated graphics card. I am a developer who prefers using Linux OS. I’ve tried 3 distros of Linux, Mint, Ubuntu, OpenSuse. No matter what version of Linux I use, the OS fails to recognize the AMD graphics card in my laptop and the WiFi connection always drops. I fixed the WiFi issue by upgrading the driver but the GPU installation always fails. Hence, I...

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