Best IDE for PHP Web Development


PHP is a scripting language that powers over some of the busiest websites on the web. Several languages have been introduced since 2005. None of them have affected the popularity of PHP. Before IDEs were launched, seasoned developers and beginners used vi or notepad to write PHP code. Once the code was ready, developers moved the PHP file to the webapps folder of the web server to check whether...

Bulk move noindexed posts from All in One SEO to Yoast


The Yoast SEO plugin includes an option to import meta description and title tags from other popular plugins. While using other plugins, you may have noindexed or nofollowed some or several posts. There are a couple of plugins that enable you to move settings from AIOSEO to Yoast. Unfortunately, none of the plugins provide an option to bulk move noindex posts. People noindex posts to recover from...

Fixing MySQL Server Has Gone Away problem


All my websites are hosted on an unmanaged VPS. The VPS has enough of RAM and a decent CPU. It can handle ten high traffic blogs. I had never faced any problems until last week when my website started displaying error establishing a database connection to the visitors instead of the content. This error was reported after I changed one of the table’s structure. Why the heck did I change the...

Fix Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress


WordPress saves the post, settings and other data related to your website in an MSQL database. The DB is handled by the user through CMS with a DB management plugin or through a command line terminal from a remote computer (on unmanaged hosting environment). Sometimes, the WordPress PHP files will not be able to connect to the MySQL server, and you’ll be notified of this error when you try...

How to Create WordPress database backup with or without plugin


Creating a backup of the database is practiced in all the top organisations. For webmasters who work online, it’s the most important thing to do. All websites are prone to hacking. Hackers are always in search of a security loophole in a website. When they find one, they’ll deface it by changing the index file. Hackers locate the site configuration file stored on the servers to find...

Best WordPress Database plugins to optimize, clean your tables


Databases like Oracle, MySql, PostgreSQL are designed to store data of the user securely. They’re fast and highly secure. Databases are the backbone of almost all types of web applications. Due to incorrect configuration or lack of maintenance, your site or application will slow down. In severe cases, it may also crash. In the major multinational companies, you’ll find DB...

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