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Best tools to check Google keyword rankings for a website


Once your website starts ranking in search engines, you should check its Google keyword rankings often. If you don’t do so, competitors may steal your keywords and use them on their portals. A website with high domain authority won’t be affected by this. But if a site is new, competitor stealing your major keywords may have a negative impact on your website traffic. Today...

Check Website Traffic Free Online with these awesome tools


Almost every website visit you visit uses an analytics tool to track visitors and their activity. Only the organization that own its will have access to the tracking data. The company doesn’t have any reason to make their data public unless they’re generating advertising revenue from the website. Many people using the internet are always curious to know how much traffic does their...

Free and Best SEO tools that every webmaster should use


Search engine optimization aka SEO is one of the most important topics of discussion in the online world. Without following the right guidelines and SEO tips, it will be tough to survive as a blogger or a webmaster. People use search engines and Facebook more than any other website. Promoting a product on Facebook is not free. If you want to do this without any costs, you will have to build a...

SEMRush Free Trial account : Find Competitor Keywords and more


Professional bloggers are successful because they make wise use of SEO tools. For example, Pat Flynn, the owner of smart passive income has launched a few niche blogs that earn him over 5000 dollars every month. Patt is one of the most intelligent bloggers in the world. He makes more than 50000 dollars every month by promoting various products. He makes use of different keyword research tools...

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