Best cheap WordPress hosting with great reviews (2018)


WordPress is the best blogging software and free content management system. It performs well on a powerful server. If the server has a poor configuration, WordPress may not provide the best experience. Websites hosted on an underpowered server suffers from heavy downtimes. The website takes ages to open on the visitor’s browser. This results in poor user experience. As the first impression...

InMotion vs Hostgator 2018 : Which hosting is worth the money?


Several hosting companies challenge Hostgator by providing competitive plans with mouth-watering features. But the big question always haunts the minds of money spenders. Are the plans worth the money or is the company reliable? As an answer to the above two big questions, we’ve shared comparisons and reviews of various hosting services. We’ve decided to share more comparisons so that...

iPage vs HostGator shared Hosting Comparison (March 2018)


iPage and Hostgator are two of the most popular shared website hosting companies. They have a customer base of over a million users. iPage is operational since 1998 whereas HostGator brand started flourishing from 2002 onward. Both companies are reliable. Thus, many users who want to launch a new website or change the host are often confused in choosing a shared hosting service between the two...

Check Website Traffic Free Online with these awesome tools


Almost every website visit you visit uses an analytics tool to track visitors and their activity. Only the organization that own its will have access to the tracking data. The company doesn’t have any reason to make their data public unless they’re generating advertising revenue from the website. Many people using the internet are always curious to know how much traffic does their...

Best Blogging Platform : Blogger vs WordPress Comparision


WordPress and Blogger are 2 of the most popular blogging platforms/content management systems of all time. They are free to use. These 2 platforms are so powerful that users can build/launch a new website within a couple of minutes. As a newbie, I used Blogger platform as I didn’t want to risk my money in an adventure that I’ve never been a part of before. After 5 – 6 months, I...

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