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Principles of Web Design and Technology II

Helpful Resources for Understanding Web Application Security


As a developer, knowledge of web application security vulnerabilities is essential in order to build software that is both resilient to attacks and protected through a layered approach of defense. The cybersecurity landscape is constantly shifting, however a good understanding of the most common vulnerabilities is a great place to get started with security. Before reviewing the articles below, be...

Sketching out your Perfect Website


You’ve decided it’s time to start solidifying ideas for your ideal website. You have no doubt spent countless hours in the planning phase identifying your target audience, design considerations, and of course you have a solid idea of your overall content strategy. If you haven’t, then do yourself a favor and take a look at The Complete Guide to Building Your Personal Brand, What...

Getting to Know Git, Github and Open Source


Fundamental to all modern web development is a strong foundational knowledge of version control. In recent years Git has emerged as the go-to choice for many developers and continues to gain popularity. Github is a platform that uses Git for source control. It provides an environment that encourages and fosters community open source development. It is a great platform to publish and use for...

HTML5, CSS, and SEO Learning Resources


The HTML5 and CSS learning resources provided here supplement classroom materials for my CMST 386 class taught at the University of Maryland University College. Please report any broken links in the LEO classroom. If you have any  suggestions for additional resources that could be added here, let me know. To access some of these resources you will need to sign up for a free account, which I...

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