How to move or renew LetsEncrypt SSL certificate manually?


As mentioned in my earlier blog post, I am using LetsEncrypt free SSL certificate on one of my sites. The certificate was due to expire in few weeks. The CertBot dispatched an alert message for the same on my official email address. As I’m using SSL for the first time and having several doubts in mind, I decided to renew LetsEncrypt certificate immediately. I fired the...

How to fix logrotate not working problem?


If your app is appending the errors and website visitor’s IP address, browser data, etc to a log file, you should manually archive old log files or use Logrotate. If you don’t do so, the server will run out of storage memory and your application may crash. Logrotate is a powerful program that archives and removes old log files. It saves heaps of storage memory by automatically...

Analyzing Nginx and Apache access log and error log files


A log file generated by a web/database server is one of the most important files. It contains useful information on visitors, errors, warnings, etc. Some people think log files as server resource killer. Hence, they disable them in Apache, DB or NGINX configuration file. One more reason why people disable or ignore server logs is because the content of logs is difficult to understand. Hence, most...

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