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Malicious Code Intrusion

The last decade has seen a noticeable shift of commercial application development from in-house computer software to the web...

Feb 13 · 12 min read >

Mobile Device Applications from a Development Perspective

Limitations and opportunities explored Mobile devices have many positive aspects including opening up networking channels and increasing the accessibility...

Oct 21 · 9 min read >
Mobile Device Applications

Why Do We Need Financial Regulation?

  “The purpose of financial regulation is to improve upon the performance of financial markets relative to how they...

Dec 14 · 3 min read >
Financial Regulation

Electronic Financial Transactions

Electronic financial transactions have become a common part of everyday life with enhancements in technology and a gradual acceptance...

Mar 10 · 2 min read >
Electronic financial transactions

Work Visas within the United States

More and more companies within the US are hiring foreign personnel on work visas.  As a result, it is...

Jan 24 · 6 min read >
Work Visas with in the United States

TSI (Ireland) Ltd.

Background Information TSI Ireland was formed over a year ago in February 1999 as a Private Limited Company.  Financial...

Feb 28 · 10 min read >
TSI Ireland

Organizational Behavior Leadership and Teamwork

During the summer of 1997 I worked for a period of four months on a contract for a company...

Mar 10 · 6 min read >
Organizational Behavior Leadership

Manpower Planning Versus Human Resource Planning

The differences between manpower planning and human resource planning will be outlined within this essay along with how human...

Oct 28 · 6 min read >

Advantages of having one large government over individual governments

The information gathered for this essay on social space and the European Social Chapter was obtained from various sources. ...

Oct 28 · 7 min read >
European Social Chapter