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Mobile Device Applications from a Development Perspective


Limitations and opportunities explored Mobile devices have many positive aspects including opening up networking channels and increasing the accessibility of information, but as with any new technology, potential pitfalls must be researched, remedied and cautiously provided for.  This literature review discusses several potential pitfalls of mobile technologies as well as potential...

Why Do We Need Financial Regulation?


[1]  “The purpose of financial regulation is to improve upon the performance of financial markets relative to how they would perform driven solely by the forces of the private marketplace.” Banking is one of the most highly regulated industries within the United States.  We can understand the impact of regulation by taking a look at the history and evolution of the banking system through to the...

Electronic Financial Transactions


Electronic financial transactions have become a common part of everyday life with enhancements in technology and a gradual acceptance and trust of these new ways of doing business.  As the world continues to grow smaller through communication and other technologies, demands have increased dramatically for methods of providing instant financial services.  This has become especially true for people...

Work Visas within the United States


More and more companies within the US are hiring foreign personnel on work visas.  As a result, it is vital that any organization wishing to hire a person from a different country must fully understand the laws behind the process of sponsoring an alien to work for their business.  Obtaining work visas can be complicated and, more importantly, time-consuming processes. It is therefore vital that...

TSI (Ireland) Ltd.


Background Information TSI Ireland was formed over a year ago in February 1999 as a Private Limited Company.  Financial backing came from the two partners within the company, Mr. Martin Hamill and Mr. Eric Carson (Business Manager for Orange, Northern Ireland).  Staff comprised of 6 full time workers split into the following areas: two Administration personnel, a telecoms engineer, sales...

Organizational Behavior Leadership and Teamwork


During the summer of 1997 I worked for a period of four months on a contract for a company called the Environment and Heritage Service (EHS) Northern Ireland.  During this time I worked primarily within the Computing Department of the organization and our team was involved with all the Information Technology issues across the various offices. This paper will look at the two main areas of...

Manpower Planning Versus Human Resource Planning


The differences between manpower planning and human resource planning will be outlined within this essay along with how human resource planning has built on and developed traditional manpower planning. The main sources of information to compile this assignment have come mostly from Coleraine and Jordanstown University of Ulster Libraries and the books used and referred to have been listed in the...

Advantages of having one large government over individual governments


The information gathered for this essay on social space and the European Social Chapter was obtained from various sources.  These included Internet sites listed in the Bibliography and numerous books and material from the University of Ulster Library. It will attempt to show how the benefits for and the objectives against the European Social Chapter affect social space within various countries in...

Tesco – Marketing Strategy in Northern Ireland


Early in 1996 the supermarket giant Tesco bought over the complete Stewarts / Crazy Prices group for an investment of £641 million.  By 24th November 1996 Crazy Prices, Abbeycentre had been converted to Tesco, Abbeycentre after several other branches including Carrickfergus had undergone the same changeover earlier on in the year.  Although many of the objectives of the company remain the same...

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