Reddit Page /r/circlejerk Clones 4Chan’s Website Design

After visiting Reddit today, it was pretty obvious my favorite SubReddit circlejerk was up to no good. After toying around all week with a funny upvote arrow which looked similar to male genitalia, we’ve not seen an invasion of 4chan into Reddit.

This design gave me a good chuckle, at how well even the ads are placed. The heading section instead of having letters representing each board, they’ve got your SubReddit’s listed in the same order. There’s even an upload form to create a new thread, blocked out from working of course.

This would have been much funnier and in place about a week ago for April Fools, although this was still a cheery part of my day. Clearly Reddit is growing into an outstanding community, and there are some SubReddits I will always enjoy as their fresh ideas keep me on my toes. Kudos /r/circlejerk, you’ve bested me again.

I can’t give a time as to when the design went live, but it was surely at some point today as the Reddit wasn’t looking like this yesterday. No idea how long the design will stay up, but it’s pretty damn funny if you ask me.

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Image Credits: Photo by Isis França on Unsplash.

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