Sonic and the Black Knight – Wii Preview

Before, Sonic was running really fast and he jumped on his enemies to get rid of them. It was the good old days you would say the nostalgia of his adventures on the Megadrive. Today, his platform of choice is the Nintendo Wii and its controls to the Wiimote air. A search from noon to fourteen hours, if the blue hedgehog explores the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, it is only a pretext for a gigantic sword that it leads to Using the remote control. For the rest, the gameplay of the previous component is included, since it always leads Sonic in a sort of corridor using the Nunchuk. The game is in 3D, and rather pretty, but when we want to go back, the hedgehog is the moonwalk idling. As in Secret Rings, it is impossible to turn back. We regret a bit of Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast console. Even if we admit that this game forces us to move forward by taking advantage of the speed of this oh so endearing character.

Sonic and the Black Knight adopt a game system based on missions. Is accessed via a map on which locations are displayed as their release. We’ve tried several types of missions. It is the most basic purpose of which is as simple as completing a level. Others require you to collect rings that you offer to people in order to support your cause. Some missions are in turn based on controls and new orders of hedgehog. We’ve tried a level that we could not finish that perfectly executing a maneuver at least three times before the end of the level. Without doubt a way of diluting the tutorial to lengthen the learning curve. Another type of mission: the endless battles against bosses. These are mostly people from the world of Sonic like revenge Knuckles. Against it should be noted by the notable absence of Dr. Robotnick, which has not progressed beyond the outline pre-production. Too bad, he could make a valiant knight too … The playability of these duels is based on the parade and the attack. It starts with the deal with Z button, and then when his opponent has finished its sequence, it moves with the Wiimote to entrain violent thrust of sword strokes.

In terms of life and interest, Sonic and the Black Knight will make us unlock objects to each successful mission, or simply finding a treasure chest in a level. These objects will be to identify in the interim menu, and will customize your hedgehog. One option for sending gifts to his friends is also the party, and a multiplayer mode that we have unfortunately not been able to try. Obviously reserved for a younger audience, this new opus of the adventures of Sega’s mascot has an honorable sympathy and a game at least beat’em. It remains to see where you draw the line between beat’em and messy …

Image Credits: Photo by Isis França on Unsplash.

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