This is the series for Usability Testing Sessions

Usability Testing Sessions

Helen – Pilot Usability Session

The pilot usability testing was held at the University of Baltimore’s usability lab.  The pilot involved the new ASP.NET application, which enabled for more...
Ian Carnaghan
20 sec read

Beth – Remote Usability Session 1

The first remote usability test revealed some issues regarding various interactions within the application.  For the most part the various tasks were completed with...
Ian Carnaghan
13 sec read

Rob – Remote Usability Session 2

The second remote usability test revealed some recurring issues as well as new observations.  Rob noted some issues in remembering to click update on the...
Ian Carnaghan
12 sec read

Kate – Remote Usability Session 3

This remote usability test also revealed some problems with workflow as well as keyboard accessibility problems not previously discovered.  In addition to this, Kate...
Ian Carnaghan
12 sec read

Lorie Remote Usability Session 4

This usability testing session revealed some issues with the using the Big Ideas drop-down selectors for adding new records.  In addition to this, the...
Ian Carnaghan
15 sec read

Megan Remote Usability Session 5

Megan was able to complete most tasks with ease.  The only issue she seemed to have was related to workflow and finding specific sections...
Ian Carnaghan
11 sec read

Jeff Remote Usability Session 6

Jeff ran into some problems when he did not save the form page he was on and lost changes.  He had trouble remembering to...
Ian Carnaghan
14 sec read

Romey Remote Usability Session 7

Romey completed most tasks with ease, however on a few occasions she came across recurring issues.  She had trouble working with the ‘Big Ideas’...
Ian Carnaghan
8 sec read

Michael Remote Usability Session 8

Michael was able to complete all tasks without many concerns.  He observer and pointed out a few potential enhancements with the system, however the...
Ian Carnaghan
10 sec read