Saving Time and Reducing Distractions with Instapaper

Working on the Internet can become burdensome as you find yourself becoming distracted more frequently. There have been apps created to help organize your time and planning, but these aren’t always too great. With news becoming more prevalent than ever before it’s not a surprise to find our society addicted to information.

A new launch titled Instapaper is changing the way we work. The genius of this tool is within simplicity. Instapaper started off as a mobile app for iOS and has grown into a full-blown web application. The Firefox and Chrome extension(s) are some of the many plugins tied into the site’s API.

With Instapaper you are able to save URLs and read them at a later date. It’s almost a personal archive of bookmarks, with the ability to create new folders for organization. After you’ve finished reading a page you may click the archive button, or simply delete it if you didn’t enjoy the link.

This works great with not only news articles, but videos and even images or image galleries. I have created numerous folders where I save interesting posts, wallpapers, and resources for iPhone development.

The beauty of Instapaper is how easy it is to get up and running! All you need is an e-mail and password for creating your account. Validation is simple and it’s even possible to connect your Instapaper account into other mobile applications. Both Tweetie and Twitterrific as Twitter clients tie in seamlessly with the application – allowing you to bookmark links found in your twitter feed.

If you’re interested in the site check it out and see what you think. Instapaper preserves many of the great features found in Delicious or Diigo and brings a brand new nature into the picture. This is of course the mobile revolution, and with Android catching up it’s truly a shoppers paradise.

The mobile app for iOS is free with an optional upgrade for $5.00. It removes all ads from within the app and allows you to work with multiple account signins. For many of the browser add-ons it’s completely free of charge!


Instapaper Firefox AddOn

Instapaper for iPhone, iPod, and iPad

InstaFetch for Android/WP7

Image Credits: Photo by Isis França on Unsplash.

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