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Samsung Galaxy S8 – The Best Flagship Phone Ever???

Samsung Galaxy S8 – The Best Flagship Phone Ever???

In 2017, Samsung released one of their best ever flagship phone. The Samsung Galaxy S8 revolutionized the world phone industry with its edge-to-edge and bezel-less design. Now all the recent flagships cannot forget this new trend. The Google Pixel 2, The iPhone X, The Huawei Mate 10 Pro, The OnePlus 5t, and all the other phones have it. But is the S8, still the beast?

Design wise, nothing can beat that beautiful display and those softly curved edges. It’s one of the best looking phones out there and has influenced and set a benchmark for all the others. The beautiful curved edges make the phone fit very comfortably in your palms. This phone is available in three different colors – Orchid Gray, Arctic Silver and Midnight Black.
For the first time on a phone, the volume and power keys are joined by another button, called “The Bixby Button”, which enables Bixby the assistant at a glance. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a slim (having the following dimensions – 148.9 x 68.1 x 8 mm) and not a very heavy (weight – 155g) phone. It contains 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage, making it a very comfortable phone for multitasking. Also, it supports Qi wireless charging and has a IP68 water and dust resistance. And one of the most important parts, it still keeps the headphone jack, which many people were disappointed about when other phone sellers started to remove them from their phones.
The back of the phone is also seemingly gorgeous, as it is has a glass back, accompanied by a Dual Pixel 12MP rear-facing camera with a flash, and also a blazingly fast fingerprint scanner. This phone is beautiful and has amazing specs, which makes it worth buying anytime. It will always remain as a strong competitor in the phone industry until Samsung releases its new flagship, which will overtake it but still follow the same path of being one of the best!

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