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Russian Engineers Caught In Bitcoin Mining Controversy

Russia is home to one of the most powerful computer networks in the world. Local engineers were actually using...

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Russia is home to one of the most powerful computer networks in the world. Local engineers were actually using the supercomputers to try Bitcoin mining. The Russian media reported that they had attempted several times to use these computers for illicit purposes. But the engineers were actually caught and detained because of that incident. Now a controversy has ensued because authorities are deciding what to do. They want to prevent that kind of incident from happening again.

These suspects were actually caught red-handed while using these computers. They were then detained and questioned for their role during that incident. The computer facilities are supposed to be secure, so the breach was a significant concern for many. The computers themselves were intended to be utilized for boosting security. That qualified as an unsanctioned attempt to use the computer facilities. Both suspects will wait to see what competent authorities decide to do.

The supercomputers are found in the city of Sarov. That is a moderately sized city in Russia and could prove to be an important location. It does house its own nuclear facility for those that are in need. Bitcoin mining does require a lot of computational power to do correctly. A lot of energy may also be required to perform the operation. That is why the suspects were detained as part of the security operation.

Russia has quickly become a hotbed for Bitcoin mining in the country. It does feature low-cost energy reserves and plenty of computers on location. Alexey Kolesnik is a businessman in Russia that hopes to undertake Bitcoin Mining. He actually bought two power stations exclusively to generate electricity for Bitcoin mining. These data centers will be hard at work to attempt Bitcoin mining operations. Russian authorities are working to decide whether the suspects will face trial.

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