Rumors of Yahoo! Taking Down MyBlogLog could be False

Starting around December I had seen a lot of blogs posting about Yahoo! considering closing the doors on MyBlogLog. I was sad to hear this news, as I have been a huge fan of MyBlogLog since it first launched in 2005. It was a simple community of bloggers with a simple goal of uniting the best writers and bloggers on the web.

In 2007 Yahoo! bought out the company for a cool $10 million, a swift deal if I do say so myself. MyBlogLog has only grown in popularity since then, closing in on hitting about 300,000 members and ranking with a solid PR7 and Alexa Rank of 1,344. News of Yahoo! closing the site was not only sad, but also very unorthodox: why shut down MyBlogLog when it’s still bringing in so many pageviews and visits daily?

Not only does MyBlogLog hold value for bringing in traffic, but it has created a very popular widget which is displayed throughout countless blogs on the internet. This is potential for traffic incoming to the site from other blogs running this widget, and allows more members to sign up and the community to grow further.

In fact, in an interesting post from MyBlogLog’s Officail TypePad Blog it was mentioned that in 2008 the site was hitting 22 million impressions from MyBlogLog’s widgets. That’s a huge number, and I can only imagine the site has grown over the years!

So is Yahoo! Actually Closing the Site?

It’s interesting to consider that over-hyped media may have claimed things which weren’t happening. Claims of MyBlogLog closing were held strong back in December, supposedly seeing the doors close come January. It’s now a week into February and MBL seems to be going stronger than ever.

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I have scoured the web for articles regarding this, none of which really prove anything. An official report from Yahoo! would say a lot, but I haven’t run into that or anything close to it.

Don’t take my word for it, as this article is completely my opinion on the subject. I just think that Yahoo! would be foolish to shut down MyBlogLog. It’s bringing in traffic and users, gaining tons of publicity every day with new groups and blogs formed. Plus, Yahoo! doesn’t really have much else going for it aside from Yahoo! Answers.

Wait and See what is in Store for MyBlogLog

Time will only tell the true value behind these rumors. I’m still erring on the side of caution here – Yahoo! could close the site down at any time. And I wouldn’t say 1 month past the “due date” is enough means to claim the whole thing as a hoax.

I am a very free-spirit though, and I would hate to see such a great site go down the tubes. But as we know the internet heals quickly, I’m sure if Yahoo! does decide to close 3 more sites will pop up to fill the gap.

I’ve still got my fingers crossed to keep MyBlogLog going for years to come, but as with many things only time will really tell.

Image Credits: Photo by Isis França on Unsplash.

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App Sheriff

MyBlogLog was an awesome service till Yahoo took over the community and ruined it.

Karl Foxley

I like MyBlogLog and personally hope that Yahoo keep it going.

.-= Karl Foxley´s last blog ..Google Page Rank Score Too Low? Keep Your Links Thank You =-.

Richard Hostler

I hope they don’t shut it down. If you look at it from a personal branding perspective, a MyBlogLog profile page ranks fairly well in the Google SERPs. It a free, easy way to build out one’s online presence.


hop yahoo will not close bloglog community.


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Peyton Farquhar

Yahoo did to BlogLog what AOhell did to Netscape back in 1999 – took an awesome product/service and completely screwed it up only to end up closing it down because the people who used it left in droves due to mismanagement of the brand and incompetence of the new owner.
.-= Peyton Farquhar´s last blog ..Amazing Icebergs =-.


I have my blog list in MyBlogLog 3 years ago,and have not login for two years,may be I just forget the password


Hi! …. come on ,,,, is this true ………..