Rise of Industry: Early Access welcomes the best-selling Production Sim

Production sim Rise of industry game is now available under early access. Be a smart trader and unearth your...

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rise of industry

Production sim Rise of industry game is now available under early access. Be a smart trader and unearth your hidden business insights in Production sim Rise of industry game. Your mind is opened to the possibility of exploring the rich variety of business opportunities available to you in this virtual world.

You are spoilt for choice and with the help of the procedurally generated maps, choose for yourself which one amongst the over 100 different products you would love to do business. Get the chance to build your business from scratch, learn to manage all the process involved from getting your raw materials to supplying your product. Like Leif, you can choose to start a whiskey business or anything and depending on how smart and quickly you learn, you can see it grow into something big beyond your wildest dreams.

Embrace the tough challenge of overcoming the stiff competition from Al opponents who are scrambling to keep you out of business. Critics have complained about the lack of flexibility in the game. They say you can only do what the people in this virtual world want and what the environment dictates. There is no free will to do as you please.

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Complain no more! As the developers have taken the game to the next level by joining early access on Steam and GOG. Here at a cost of $21.24, players can enjoy the game and provide valuable feedback that will help in its modifications. Other extra features we expect before the close of the year are multi-player functionalities, expanded maps, products and other physical features that will enrich your gaming experience.

Production sim Rise of industry enjoyed a remarkable 2017 as it was the best-selling game on the platform and 2018 promises to be another eventful year for the game.

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