Retina-X Hacked: 1 Terabyte Data Erased from the Server

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1 Terabyte Data Erased from the Server of the Spyware Developer by a Hacker

There exist different types of hackers: hacktivists doing hacking for a cause and ethical hacking with good intentions. In April 2017, the systems of Retina-X Studios spyware manufacturer was a victim of hacking, and huge amounts of data were deleted from its cloud server.

Retina-X studio is based in Jacksonville, Florida, United States. It develops Smartphone and computer monitoring software and applications for work and parental purposes. Through the security breach, it was revealed that software by the Retina is used in spying on customers to monitor their partners without their knowledge—and this is unlawful.

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The Motherboard has reported that Retina X has also been a victim of hacking where a hacker using Macedon sever with an online handle as Precise Buffalo targeted the company and totally erased close to one terabyte of data from its cloud servers. This included the customer’s photos and information stolen from the unsuspecting users who had installed the Phonesheriff application by Retina X.

1 Terabyte Data Erased from the Server of the Spyware Developers by a Hacker
Screenshot of Pastebin post published by the hacker

Last year, the company claimed that it did not suffer any breach of data, but the hacker provided concrete evidence of hacking to the Motherboard for purposes of proving attack legitimacy. The evidence was tested and confirmed, and it is now clear that Retina Company has suffered hacks. To test the evidence, motherboard created an account on the PhoneSgherrif spyware and then took two shoe photos. The hacker sent the exact photos to the motherboard and confirmed the email address used when they were signing up. The hacker further said that customer’s data should not be online at all. It has technical flaws, and the software category was disturbing to him as it is targeted to parents mostly in the US.

Screenshot of the account created by Motherboard

Many companies have fallen victims of hacking. MSpy was attacked when a hacker stole huge amounts of data belonging to 400000 users and decided to leak it online. Cellebrite, Smartphone hacking firm suffered a breach of data when 900 GB of data was stolen and leaked to the online platforms. Also, in-house hacking capabilities were exposed by the leaked cellebrite data.

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