Remote Freelance Development Work Made Simple with oDesk

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oDesk is a simple application launched back in 2003 to devise a way for freelancers and remote developers to work on projects with ease. Allowing you to charge on a per-hour basis, oDesk logs how many hours you put in and what work you do.

The idea for a freelance board has been around for many years. However, oDesk is really the first company to take charge of the wheel and innovate a product that works well for both freelancers and managers. After creating an account, you can devise an online team of developers and designers to tackle projects together – and all your work is cataloged and recorded using oDesk’s desktop software.

It’s truly a sight to behold. Never before has a site allowed you to work full-time remotely from your house in such a way that you could be payed upwards of $30-$40/hour. These are wages you would make working full-time as a web developer for a business or corporation outright!

Where oDesk Truly Shines with Innovation

It doesn’t just stop at your browser, though. oDesk has been around for years, and through that time has made many changes to the system and dynamics of how people work. Using oDesk’s software to interact with your management team and log hours is just the tip of the iceberg, as you can also record updates of what you’re doing and progress thus-far online as well.

In fact, oDesk gives you an entire profile once your account is set up. You can earn certificates and qualifications in your profile by passing smaller tests and quizzes. These show potential clients that you’re serious about the work you’re doing, and also that you actually do know what you’re doing.

Recently released is oDesk’s iPhone app, which has caught on very quickly among users. The app allows you to log into any project and check the status from anywhere in the world. This gives a huge amount of control to managers and supervisors on projects, as they can be in business meetings or even on vacation while still logging in to check worker’s hours and progress of any projects currently in the works.

The company has done nothing but grow over the past couple of years, and it’s truly an amazing hub for all developers, programmers, designers, and anyone able to perform technical work remotely. As a whole, the company has received about $30 million in funding thus-far, and I would expect only further growth for the near future.

Image Credits: Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash.

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