Regular 9 to 5 job vs Working from Home Online


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Many people think that working from 9 to 5 is a nightmare. Some believe that working from home is a great experience. Well, I’ve been in both the situations and thus I can give a better explanation on this topic. I have spent a  year in an IT company. My working time was 9 to 6 or 7. After working for a year, I resigned from the job to be a self-dependent person. I can say that my decision was right as I’ve achieved my goal. I am earning decent money, and I am confident that my earnings will increase as the time passes by. Although I work from home and have a source of income, sometimes I feel frustrated because of disturbances from the surrounding. Here are the pros and cons of working from home online and working in a 9 to 5 job.

Pros and Cons of Working from Home


No work time: Employees have to report their offices at the right time. A person working from home can work anytime he wants. For example, I wake up at 11 Am and sometimes, I take a holiday on Mondays. This doesn’t mean that I’m neglecting my work. In initial days of my career, I used to work for 18 hours a day.

You’re the boss: When a person is working from home, he is free from all types of working pressure. You don’t have to fill any timesheet nor do you have to report to the office on time.

Learning: A person working for himself will go through several phases of life. He’ll see bad as well as good days. If a person is hard working, he will learn to overcome fear and failure by learning many new things.  I am a guy with superb knowledge of PHP and JAVA. I learned SEO, internet marketing after I had quit my job. I am now aware of the importance of time management, the value of money and hard work.

notebook on a table Regular 9 to 5 job vs Working from Home Online


The above points might be interesting but working from home is a difficult job.

Hard work: When you’re an employee of a company, you’ll be given some tasks that you have to complete within some time. The tasks will be based on your skill set. When you’re working from home, you will have to work day and night on your goals and strategies. Earning money online is a challenging task. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I worked hard for ten months without making a single penny. My 1st blog started generating some money from 11th month onwards.

Boring Life: When a user works from home, he’ll be connected only with his family members. You’ll be in the house for most of the time. You will start disliking Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. People will think that you’re unemployed, and you’re wasting parents money.

Concentration is difficult: You’ll be distracted with external disturbances. Kids are naughty, and they’ll not let you work.

9 to 5 job: Cons and Pros


Fun: When I used to work for an IT company, I had many friends. We used to visit nearby restaurants on weekends to kill time.

Social life is better: When you’re working at an office, you get to meet a lot of people. Thus you’ll have a lot of friends.


Life ‘s hard: As a beginner, you’ll have to go through a lot of trauma and frustration. Your salary will be low and expenses will be high. If you’re forced to relocate, you’ll have to rent a room or house, which in turn will increase your costs.

Salary: Sometimes, people will feel that they’re  being paid less than what they deserve. If you find that a co-employee is offered a better package, you’ll feel jealous.

Work Pressure: Working in a company is not an easy job. The seniors will always observe your performance. When your performance is no up to the mark, you will have to face the music which in turn will make you feel embarrassed. [Image credits: Pixabay]

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